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2021 Hunting Season

In order to start planning and lining up opportunities for us all to learn and progress on this outdoors journey we wanted to understand where everyone is at and be able to help line up similar interests.

Please choose the level that fits you best below.

FITNESS (hiking on terrain, carrying a load, stress of multiple days outdoors)

CAMPING SURVIVAL (water, shelter, food, first aid, fire, navigation, etc)

Shooting ( 6-8 inch target at 100 - 200 yards)

Harvest an animal (gut, skin, quarter to carry out)

Prepare / Cook game meat

Salt Water Fishing (and have license)

Scouting areas (doing some preparation trips for the fall to find animals)

Black tail deer

White tail deer (outside of WMU 2, wildlife management unit)

LEH (limited entry hunt for Elk

LEH for Moose (outside WMU 2)

Local Sunshine Coast hunting opportunities

Away trips to other WMU regions (ie Moose or White tail)

Short trips (1-3 days)

Longer trips (4 - 7 days)

Small game hunting (grouse, rabbit, squirrel, etc)

How much time do you have available for next steps?

Do you have your Core/FWID or plan on having it prior to hunting season?